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Originally posted by RWGuinn:
pictures from austin:
the first one is a gorgeous picture young Roger-me-lad but WAY too big to display here because
  • you have uploaded to your own webspace the original dfiull sized megapixel file straight out of your Sony DSCP93A camera which measures according to its properties 2048 by 1536 pixels, whereas we have found out to our chagrin that the maximum safe width to show here is only about 640 pixels . larger than that and everybody would be forced to scroll to read all the text and anybody daft enough to be still using an outdated limited resolution monitor (or indeed ungeek enough to have their screen resolution still set so low that any picture greater than about 640 pixels wide does not properly display will be gnashing teeth at you right Ron??)
  • your uploaded picture is over 1.3 MB which will and did take several ages to download for us poor under priveleged dial-uppers
the solution dear boy is exceedingly simple , instead of using your own valuable (paid for) web space simply hi on over to
who will happily host your picture for all time for free and moreover will even give you the option of reducing its size to the desired 640 pixels as it uploads

and then to cap it all gives you several codes including the necessary UBB code used here.

Note that the [img] etc code presented will actually create a picture link to their site for that reason I prefer to use the final "direct link to image" address and then add my own opening [img] and closing [/img] UBB tags but if you simply copy that address/link to your clipboard you can then use the "instant UBB code"... image system that is provided under the blank reply text box it is easy peasy as I have tried to demonstrate before in my quick and dirty mini-tutorials here
I have taken the liberty of doing just that but suggest that for practice you now take at least one of the otherr 6 pix you uploaded and try the same process yourself, (that way you will earn a certificate as a graduate of Uncle John's picture displaying academy to join such worthies as CHar and Peterbro9
anyway here is the sample picture

I loved the drapes against a daylight background instead of the usual (internal) stage's blackness
John Fowles Bt
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