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Originally posted by RM:
quote:Originally posted by Ken Theriot:
I knew about his voice going in, and I really just wanted to be in the man's presence. That I finally got to do under an absolutely gorgeous Austin sky.
Nicely expressed, and congratulations on concert #1. [/QUOTE]It was the first time I had seen him since Denver, 1982(?)
There were a bunch of us there:me, my wife, and son, Steve and his wife from Plano, TX--Donnie from Arlington, Anne from OKC, Melissa and Denny (Sp?--sorry-I'm lousy at spelling names)--and a bunch of their friends and neighbors.
It rained as we ate dinner 100 yards from the venue, 1/2 hour before the gate opened, but the day turned off nice and the whole thing was great. It was pretty warm and very humid--and believe it or not, caused a bad case of dry mouth even among those of us in the audience. I can't imagine what it was like for him and the band!
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