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Default You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If...

Hey guys this thread idea came on a lark (wait a minute , what the He88 is a "lark",anyway; tseeer, BRB...) OK - you're gonna LIKE THIS definition for a Lightfoot thread...this is GREAT:

1. North American yellow-breasted songbirds.NOPE
2. Small songbirds resembling larks.NOPE
3. Any of numerous predominantly Old World birds noted for their singing. - mildly of interest if looked upon in a flattering way...still not the usage I mean, a hehe
4. Any carefree episode. YES ! Carefree Highway ! lol

I knew that all along when I used that word for this new thread that JUST out of nowhere, listening to GL, went 'blink' -LighheadBULB-ON- !

Here's the deal, short and saaweeet ! I'll start, with no rules, no rights or wrongs, and'll see by context 'tseeer:

You know you're a seriousLightfoot Fan if you: OK HERE WE GO WITH OUR FIRST:

1. You're listening to a custom-compilation on your computer, and a given song is nearing the end. and you automatically start hearing in your head the next song in proper order from the original ALBUM - not your compilation ! Then, of course, the wrong song plays, you look up, sensing imminent doom. ..somethings...wrong...then you realize.. and smile.

-THATS what just happened to me right now, and is what sparked the idea for this thread. It was so strong, the sense that I know the next song is -smirk of knowledge- (...................), and it wasn't 'cause mine are extracted from various albums, in any number of logical ways to suite my tastes and ways, as are I'm sure, yours.

My compilation was favourite -outdoorsy songs- , and 'Gotta Get Away' was wrapping-up with the Loon warbling (?), and of course, I the next song was of course, 'Whispers of the North', ingrained in my subconcious by years and years of listening to album-orders, even if only memories from the pre-programmable CD "LP days"!

2. You've just finished loading the (used to be a Station Wagon -Now - SUV), tarped and tied down all acoutrements and are ready to get-in and leave for the Great American family vacation , and you deftly palm a handful of say, 12 Lightfoot CD's, so the wife does not see, or your kid(s), but your wife can ALWAYS tell by your furtive behaviour, and she says "I know you are holding about 20 Lightfoot CD's.... I like it too, just PLEASE... let me listen to ( ), ( ),& (Johnny Cash) as well !

And then from the backseat, your kid(s), chimes in sensing collaboration with the alpha female "YEA Dad...... I wanna listen to (tweeny bubble-gum cr88) "OK,OK, a little of that here and there. Then you look at your wife and say "remember the rule we agreed; driver picks the music" - to which she responds deftly, inarguably, and logically, "Well, thats fine if we both drive the same amount, but you know , you as the man are always 'protecting' us by driving on vacations , especially.'Well, thats cause your such a good navigator , honey *smarmy smile*. "That line isn't gonna work Mister D...actually- you fear my map-reading like an Agnostic holding the original Dead-Sea Scrolls, about to start a fire and needing some tinder under"

YOU WANNA ADD SOME ?, 1,2,3 OR MORE ? AD-HOC, WHENEVER, I'd get a real kick out of hearing your things that distinguish us as Lightfoot fans - and I know, there ARE soooo

Even if no else has fun with this, I'm gonna !!!!

~geo Steve . :"I will leave my footprints there to lie beneath the snow" ~gl
Quote to ponder: "A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed." ~ Henrik Ibsen
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