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Default Re: October 16: Minneapolis- State Theatre

[Just had an email from the Hennepin Theatre district that Gordon Lightfoot will be in concert at the State Theatre in Minneapolis on Sunday October 16. Tickets on sale on Fri April 22 at TicketMaster.

John- Minnesota[/QUOTE]

Follow-up: I bought tickets for my wife and I in the pre-sale. The best tickets were 15 rows back, so I am of the belief that these pre-sales are not worth the effort. Still I did because the seats are not terrible and got on an aisle to stretch my leg.

What is obscene is TicketMaster service and convenience charges. $14.25 a ticket! With state sales tax, the total night out is nearly $150. Plus I will have to pay some obnoxious amount for parking in downtown Mpls- at lease $10. Oh well. It is good to have Gord still doing it.

I just heard reports from suburban Minneapolis that Prince has died. While I am not a fan by any stretch, he was a Minnesota icon. Never thought Dylan would outlive Prince.

John- Minnesota
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