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Default Re: CRT children's book and Anniversary of Canadian Railway

Apologies if someone else has mentioned this.

I found this this morning and I wonder if anyone else had noticed "hidden pictures" in the artwork. Sounds like fun, now I have to resist unwrapping the book to check them out.

For a cross-generational gift for the holiday season, check out the Canadian Railroad Trilogy. Fans of Gordon Lightfoot will be delighted by this picture-book version of his famous song. Ian Wallace, one of Canada's best-loved illustrators, chose to interpret the lyrics in chalk pastels, which gives a dream-like feeling to the book that matches the dream of a growing nation. The book includes the music to the song, historical notes about the building of the railroad, and best of all, clues to the embedded symbolism in the art itself. Careful readers will find the faces of Sir John A. Macdonald, the president of the CPR and even Lightfoot within the pages. A family reading of the book may spark some interesting conversations about "the good old days."

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