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My sentiments exactly podmed. There's just something magical in the effect that those instruments produce when played that alerts the senses and seems to trigger a host of good vibes. It really is a wonderful feeling.
Today is a good guitar day for me and my favorite source of getting as much as I can out of these type of days is putting on the CD from the "United Artists" three CD package and there on "disc # 1, tracks 24 and 25 are "Song For A winter's Night and "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" consecutively.
I love the "drop D" tuning so for "Song For A Winter's" night I put the capo (Schubb) on the seventh fret of six string Martin D18 and play along in the "D" position.
My friend in Toronto and student of Red Shea, Paul Bartlett showed me how to play some cool licks in that wonderful piece of work so I'm having the time of my life with that one.
Then I strap on the B45 and carry on with "The Trilogy." If I get anywhere close to it I'm happy.
Another thing I really enjoy is taking the 12 string with me when I get to travel around to people's homes etc. and playing it in different rooms and places where the acoustics are good. Usually a pleasant surprise is in store.
Many of the successful groups such as Abba, the Byrds, Fairport Convention etc. used 12 string guitars in their shows and recordings.
Guess it's time for a tune again.
Cheers, RJ.
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