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Default Re: Trib.Shows- preview on CBC radio

Even thought this post shows Jan 12th 2:35 am, Ontario time, it's still Jan11th, 11:30 pm here in Vancouver, BC.
But that's not the point at this special moment.
This post is what I was waiting for and knowing Char the way I do, she delivered precisely as folks who visit here have come to expect.
My thanks to you dear Charlady.
Wow; wasn't that a delightful and insightful observence of how an evening's turn of events came about folks?
And to think that I missed it! Can't believe it! Shoulda been there! Bugs me severely!
Char I don't have the words sorted out at this point to say much more as it's well past the milk and cookie time for guys my age but you did it up well gal and of course with another cool gal along with a knickname like "Sparky", how could you ask for anything better to get fired up with.
Stay loose, Ron J.
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