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2004 report of show that Lightfoot attended:
2nd night of 3 Sparky and I attended in Jan.2004

Saturday January 10, 2004

Well - Jenney and I found a LOT of excitement last night! Sparks were
The dry air and cold in Toronto made our beds into static electricity
factories. Just touching the blankets caused sparks to fly that could be
seen with the lights on. THe light show with them off was something to rival
the 4th of July fireworks in Boston! lol
And Jenney's was more spectacular because of her flannel p.j.'s!
Woo-hoo we were havin' a party!
Henceforth Jenney will now be known as Sparky.
Sparky and I were rousted out of our beds by the fire alarm in the
hotel screaming! Jenney got dressed right away and started throwing stuff in
her bag getting ready to get out of there. After a bit the loudspeaker
announced that all was safe and the first 3 floors they had evacuated could
return. What a wake up call!

We then drove around the city a bit after lunch and ended up on Queen
St.W. popping in and out of fabric stores. It was a cold day but not too
bad. At least the sun was shining between the buildings.

We headed back to Hugh's Room for yet another night of loving tributes
to Gordon Lightfoot. One night would have been plenty but we felt so excited
about another evening of such great entertainment. We were also going to
meet up with Mike Heffernan and his girlfriend, Patty. Sparky knows Mike and
Patty and I have e-mailed so it would be nice for us all to meet finally.
We had our dinner and then Mike and Patty came in. They were there for
the show only so couldn't join us at our table we had the night before. We
talked with them for a while prior to the show starting - what a great
couple. The two of them are a couple of crackups and we laughed a lot.
Jory came over to me and asked what would make my night absolutely the
best. I was afraid to answer him! Of course it would be if Lightfoot himself
were to show up! He said there was a very, very good possibility that my
wish would come true. I was tingly all over! lol
And being greedy I also asked if Ron Sexsmith was coming since he
wasn't originally on the bill but Jory mentioned the night before that he
may be able to make it. Yes! Ron was coming! Woo-hoo!
We spoke some more with Mike and Patty and then headed back to our
table down front. The moment we sat down the lights dimmed and the show was
about to start. Sparky gave me a nod of her head and had me look beside us,
one table away....omigosh - it was Gordon Lightfoot. He was there with
Bernie Fiedler, his promoter. I would find out at the break from Patty that
if I'd have turned around as we walked to our table I'd have had Gord run
right smack into me! ACK!
When I looked at him he looked at me for several seconds and gave a
bit of a nod - I'd like to think he remembered me from the few times we've
met. He did remember me from Mariposa when I saw him in PA. He mentioned it
to me before I could say anything so that was pretty cool. Sparky and I had
forgotten to he was, in the same room, mere feet away and
going to enjoy the show with us! He had on his black leather bomber jacket,
black jeans and white runners. A bright green scarf was around his neck. His
hair was pretty long and quite silver but he was smiling and laughing and
enjoying himself. It was too good to be true. I held back the tears of
gratitude as the entertainment started.

I can't imagine the butterflies the performers must have had knowing
that Lightfoot was in the house! I was nervous for them!

Tim Harrison sang Did She Mention My Name and Song For A Winter's
Night with the same Gord Story as the night before. Gord was laughing.

Katherine Wheatley performed I'll Be Alright. She recounted that her
family would listen to Lightfoot songs after skiing in Parry Sound. She did
mix up the lyrics in 16 Miles as a young teen though. She did not sing
"knock me down and pick me up and knock me down again." She sang, "knock me
down and pick me up and knock me up again.!" !!!Her mother told her that was
not a suitable song for a young lady. Her mother deemed her next song much
more suitable
She sang Wherefore and Why with Jory Nash.

Dan Kershaw sang Talking In Your Sleep and Long Thin Dawn.

Bob Snider did Sundown and Steel Rail Blues with the cheating parts
still in. Lightfoot seemed to be enjoying it but also looked a bit puzzled.

Bill Garrett and Sue Lothrop sang Don Quixote and Shadows.

Terry Tufts did That's What You Get For Lovin' Me and Canadian
Railroad Trilogy. He also mentioned that playing Lightfoot music was why he
did so poorly in school.
It was mentioned to me later that Lightfoot told Terry he really
enjoyed his CRT.

Catherine McKinnon came out next. She sang the haunting ballad "Land
With No Name" and spoke of the plane trip with Lightfoot and the band. She
then proceeded to tell about his early morning call telling her about the
gorgeous song that would be perfect for her but she couldn't do it because
it was "a man's song." She said it was even more menaingful because it was
her honour to sing it because Gordon Lightfoot was in the audience. The
place went crazy, we all stood, applauding and cheering. Lightfoot stood up
and took a few bows, looking around the room with a huge smile on his face.
It was breathtaking. And then I began softly crying the happiest of tears.
All of a sudden Lightfoot started to make his way to the stage, he jostled
through the standing crowd and in a moment was up hugging the life out of
Catherine McKinnon. It was very touching. He asked her what song she was
going to sing and she boldly said he'd find out when he sat down. He headed
off to leave the stage and said a few words of how grateful he was for the
efforts of the performers and that he was making his big comeback in early
2005. "I've got nothing to do." He scooted back over towards centre stage
and Catherine wouldn't let him see the sheet music but he caught sight of
the title and said "That's not a man's song!" She looked him right in the
face and said "That's what you told me!". He laughed and turned to leave the
stage and as he was passing a microphone he said "It's Bisexual!" and tossed
his green scarf over his shoulder! It was tooooo funny. He made his way back
to his table and the show continued. Catherine's interpretation this night
was magical and of course I was weeping like a baby. All who know me will
remember that song had special meaning for me and I wept when the Lightfoot
Tribute band sang it for me in May 2001 at the hotel and at my home. Well,
the tears came and I looked at Sparky and she had started crying too. Good
grief - what a couple of soft touches! Jenney claimed it was looking at me
that got to her, like vomiting and yawning, crying was contagious! What a
way with words she has.

The break came right after that and Lightfoot and Fiedler were out of
there like a shot. Mike and Patty did get a quick hi and handshake in as he
passed them and then he was gone.....I was emotionally drained and Sparky
was pretty well there too. Whew - what a moment - we actually saw and heard
him, not in a magazine or newspaper picture or his voice on the radio. It
was overwhelming.

We headed up to see Patty and Mike and on the way I practically hugged
the life out of Jory Nash. He was over the moon - the smile on his face was
blinding. I couldn't be happier for him or Aengus. I felt like a proud mum!

We chatted with Mike and Patty some more until the second half began
and made our way to the table.

David Newland sang Leaves of Grass.
Jory Nash did another amazing rendition of In The Early Morning Rain
and a haunting version Mother of A Miner's Child.
Jason Fowler performed I'll Tag Along and Cold On The Shoulder and
told his hilarious stories again - with voice imitations of Lightfoot! LOL!
MadViolet did Poor Little Alison and The Way I feel.
Aengus sang Pussywillows-Cattails and then sang "Lightfoot". This was
the song he wrote when Lightfoot became ill and that he preformed on the
tribute CD "Beautiful. It made me cry again. His heart and lyrics were very
moving to me. The proud Canadian thing hit me..
RonSexsmith - my greedy little wish came true!! He had rushed down and
played someone else's guitar but sang Now and Then and I'll Do Anything That
You Say.
I enjoy him so much - he's so shy and such a Lightfoot fan.
David Matheson sang I'm Not Supposed To Care - it was absolutley
lovely. Then he did Cotton Jenney with the audience right into it.
Laura Smith said her Gord story from now on would be about this night.
She did The Minstrel of The Dawn and Rainy Day People.
The whole group came back onstage for the sing-along of Alberta Bound
and Rich Man's Spiritual. We were all standing and singing and clapping. It
was a most wonderful night for all of us. The performances were right on and
the energy was so high. I only wish that Lightfoot could have stayed for all
the artists.
The fact that he came out to show his respect and thanks to all of
them for their efforts in these shows was no surprise - he's a man of
humility and that same quality was clearly evident in the performers this
evening. The thank yous were stirring and the sentiment was deep and
heartfelt. I was proud for all them.
Of course that meant hugs for Jory and Aengus again!
Sparky and I sat for a bit and just sort of tried to grasp all that
happened before was euphoric to say the least.
We talked with Mike and Patty some more, Mike talked to some of the
musicians that he knew from previous work engagements and then we headed out
where the skyline of Toronto was blurred by snowflakes and misty eyes. Hugs
all around and Sparky and I were off into the night.
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