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Hmmnnn, well, Suzi's description of provenance is, of course impossible to argue with without questioning the assertions made themselves which I wouldn't think of doing here. And as I said, I did hear some Gord-like vocalizations in the recording which is as Sir John was saying is quite poor. True also is that I was completely unaware of the Skip Weshner show recordings, also some good evidence. If the recording was made at a party, that could explain the voice(s) that don't sound like Gord to me. But I'd just point out that we were recently introduced to a GL cover artist about whom many people have been remarking concerning the uncanny similarity between his voice and Gord's. I think his name is Brian E. or something like that correct? So being the scientific type myself, I guess I'm just going to reserve judgement, step out of the debate and just say I can't really blame anyone for thinking it's him and enjoy it for what it is.

But before I do, a final word: Podunklander is correct, GL, had he made a professional grade recording of Your Song, would have done wonders with it. All due respect to EJ Gord's voice was pure gold.

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