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Basically I am surprised that anybody can hear this apparent radio broadcast recording and discern enough to try to decide if it really is Gord singing. I think that I might have previously said that the recording that Mende so kindly uploaded to that unsatisfactory sendspace file storahe website sounds to me like the broadcasting studio was a lead lined dungeon in Los Angeles. l have made a few dire sounding off air recordings myself but never as bad as this one.I note that on Waynes radio appearancs page

he states that Gord performed Your Song and Wayne is usually an authoritative source. I do also note that the relevant posthumous Skip Weshner CD
has two possibly identical tracks each 1:58 long

I have only ever heard that one track courtesy of Mende, so maybe he could comment on whether they are in fact one and the same and therefore equally poor despite being allegedly two year's difference,
or was the whole thing an elaborate Aoril Fool's joke??
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