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Default Re: Any musicians out there that can help me with Sundown ??

Welcome Greg. JJ thanks for the link.


I've been playing Gord's songs for 30 + years. While I won't say you shouldn't try Sundown as one of your first songs, it isn't an "easy" one for a beginner.

Gord's guitar work may seem easy, but it is more subtle and complicated than many people think, as others in this forum will tell you.

Please try and play the songs you want to play, but try not to allow it to lead you to frustration with the instrument. Far too many folks give up the guitar because it quit being fun. Or they thought they weren't any good at it because the couldn't get that one favorite song as quickly as they wanted.

Check out other Lightfoot songs, like Early Morning Rain, that have an easier strum pattern. Build your confidence level, by playing something well. Keep working at the harder stuff, but don't let it stop you.

Hang around here and ask questions. There's lots of folks here who welcome new Gord fans and will be happy to talk guitar with you.
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