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Default Lyric Videos of Lightfoot Songs

Last month, an official lyric video of Gordon Lightfoot's song "Return Into Dust" became available:

The lyric video was created by Connor Scheffler, a graphic designer and content creator based in Toronto.

Earlier in 2020, Connor Scheffler created lyric videos of two other songs on Lightfoot's Solo album:

"Oh So Sweet": and

"Why Not Give It A Try":

I think all three lyric videos are impressive, but my favourite among the three is the one for "Return Into Dust".

In the lyric video for "Return Into Dust", I particularly like the depictions of Lightfoot's canary yellow canoe and of newspapers with headlines ("Army Called In Detroit Rioting" and "Find No Survivors of Fitzgerald - 729 Footer Sinks in Gale With All Hands in Superior") about events that Lightfoot wrote songs about.

Does anyone else have a favourite among the three lyric videos?

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