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Default Re: Columbia MO -- March 18, 2014 --Missouri Theatre

Was there too. A great concert! Gordon's voice got stronger after the first few tunes. My family contributed to the "Over Me" from the 4th row. We even added a couple lines of harmony which I'm sure Gordon noticed because he looked over in our direction. The only down side was some obnoxious dude in the second set loudly yelling for Gordon to play "Edmund Fitzgerald" again. I'm sure that was brought on by generous quantities of alcohol. Gordon handled it well, laughing it off. I heard two tunes that I never heard Gord play before in my 22+ concerts over the past 38 years: Fine as Fine Can Be" and "Sweet Guinevere."

One other point of note, Gordon indicated, as he has in past years, how much he and the guys "appreciate the work" and how they do about 75 shows per year. No hint of any upcoming retirement. I hope that holds true. Have not seen any 2015 dates announced yet, but if last night is any indication, Gordon can continue to fill theaters for as long as he wants to continue to tour.
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