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Default Re: Columbia MO -- March 18, 2014 --Missouri Theatre

I attended this concert with my 22 yr old son. Gord was so engaging with the crowd. My son (and of course me) loved everything and every song. The theater is a beautiful old one with lots of charm. Our seats were quite far back but still had a good view. I agree that his voice got better as the night continued.

Last night was a wonderful and memorable night. I was so proud to have my son with me. Who would have thought that in '75, when I saw him the first time, I would have my son with me 39 years later listening to the music I love so much.

The only disappointment was that he did not play Don Quixote, which is my son's favorite Gordon Lightfoot song.

I was fun when the crowd finished "over me" in Ribbon of Darkness. I think Gord really enjoyed that.

I regretfully missed the 2000 concert. Didn't know about it until it was over. I would have attended for sure.

Thanks for the set list. I was trying to write them down this morning and left out a few.
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