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Default Re: Video: Meet Barry Keane


SKF NOTE: After first interviewing Barry Keane in 1981 for Modern Drummer magazine, I had no idea we would do it again in 2022. We've stayed in touch over the years. When I asked Barry if I could interview him again he said yes.

This time, I wanted to interview Barry from his perspective as a working drummer for 46 years with one of the world's great singer/songwriters, Gordon Lightfoot. That's a dream job for almost any drummer. Hopefully Barry's story will help smooth the way for any drummer who wants to follow a similar career path.

We talk here about Barry's schedule, the recording studio, rehearsals, staying fresh, his interaction with his fellow band members, and, of course, with Gordon Lightfoot.
Barry's not a gear head. If his drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments sound good - that's the essential point. Manufacturers, weights - all that stuff is secondary.

This interview took place by phone on two days in January 2022. Barry was home in Canada. I was home in Maine.
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