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Default Re: Where were you when JFK was shot? (Gord was here)

Well < I wasn't born yet and neither were my 2 older brothers.

For my parents however , this day was a big part of their new marriage.

2 days ago, November 20th , would have been my parents'
56th wedding anniversary (if they were here and had not divorced in 1972).

They had their wedding on that day and were off on their honey moon , when 2 days later , they saw on the news that the President had been shot and then , later did not survive.

They never made it clear if they mutually decided or if one of them talked the other
into it, but they cut the honeymoon short and later traveled to D.C. for JFK's funeral.

(Many superstitious people would tell you it's a bad
omen or even bad luck to attend such a thing , having 'just' been wedded. )

Anyway, they were there , my dad or both of them took photos of the procession and so forth. I have to say , it seems like the Kennedy's 'instances' seem to collide with something that happened in our family.

Nothing 'big' but think of this .

My parents married on Robert Kennedy's birthday

They were honeymooning when his brother was shot.

I was born 2 months and 9 days after
the shooting of Martin Luther King and 5 days after RFK's funeral.

In 1999 , my dad and I were together, when we heard about John Jr.'s plane going down. 1 year and a month later , my father was gone
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