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Default Re: Where were you when JFK was shot? (Gord was here)

A bit of background info... OK - I've been *lurking* a bit again. I was a regular poster here but I had a dangerous, highly intrusive, menacing stalker & he made it known that he was also stalking me here constantly. So I deleted as many of my posts as I could to give that BoobleHead less to stalk & then I left this site. He had the audacity to tell me that he registered here with his life-long nickname. He never missed an opportunity to let me know all the crazy & frightening things he "did for love." grrrrr.

In more recent years he reminded me about what I was doing when JFK was shot. He thought it was funny.

JFK - I was in Jr. High School & it was lunch recess. I was busy hoisting my bra up the school flag pole while singing "The Beat Goes On" by Sonny & Cher then triumphantly walked away. A few minutes later I turned to admire my silly stunt but by then my bra had been replaced by the stars & stripes at half mast. So I asked around to see what that was all about & was gobsmacked about the news...

In 1986 or 1987ish Gordon once told me what he was doing when he heard the news. He said he was filling his car with gas at a Toronto gas station. I believe he heard the news over the car radio on his way out. He then asked "Why do you ask?" So I told him that every GL fan I've ever met has had their own story about where they were & what they were doing the first time they heard one of his songs. (A topic of conversation between fans in the hours before a show, etc.) He stopped what he was doing, sat down and just sat there sort of searching my eyes (he just looked completely stunned as though he didn't hear me right.) and cocked his head to the left & smiled. It was in his dressing room before a show. Barry Harvey kept running in & out making pots strong, black coffee for Gord. Fun day - Gordon was adorable.

BTW - to answer the question here. I was working in the display dept. in a big department store. (A window dresser like Rhoda Morgenstern on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show") We had a radio in our work room. When IYCRMM came on I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was so I went over to the radio & stared at it even though there really wasn't anything to *see*… I was instantly smitten.

~ Kate

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