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Default posting pics tutorial

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
I get them and I post them..quickest way I can. I don't remember how to post pics the old way...
really Madam that is an astonishing admission, because as recently as August 8 you were successully crowing about displaying photos that you insisted on uploading to Photobucket, see your own posting at

in which you successfully displayed images that you had uploaded yourself to Photobucket so you knew then very well how the "old" system works!!
Great!! now we are getting somewhere
First of all I want to stress that the "old" method avoids the requirement of the "Attach" system to upload an image to Florian's paid for storage quota on Corfid, since it inherently displays images that must have a location on the internet already somewhere (anywhere)
I feel quite sure that I have presented details for displaying images here at less once before and even awarded certificates to successful graduates including yourself Char but since you evidently have a memory like a sieve I will now repeat them for your benefit and the noobs here.
(please note that all of the images I am going to use here are "stored" at no cost to me on my Facebook page instead of using Photobucket or any such service that may not always be free or reliable)
There are in fact two "old" methods
the original way is the hardest and involves more thought and care
If you you scroll down to the area under the text box there is a link saying "BB code is On"

click that link to list the available UBB "tags"
( which are a variation on the usual web page HTML tag system) and includes this section:-
The [img] tag allows you to embed images within your posts. You can also combine this tag with the [url] tag to make images become links.
Usage [img]value[/img]
Example Usage [img][/img[SIZE=3]] (Not linked)] [img][/img] (Linked)
Note that in [img]value[/img]
"value" is in fact an actual image web address or URL
meaning that the image you wish to display must have a location on the internet already somewhere (anywhere)
If so it will be Resource that has a
Uniform Resource Locator or URL
the second far easier method I have provided multiple hints about recently
this is one result of when Florian changed from the earlier Ultimate Bulletin Board (UltimateBB), Version 5.44 to the current
vBulletin® Version 3.8.7

some years ago , when a most welcome toolbar appeared above the text box

one of the icons when moused over pops up this informative popup

if you click the icon another useful popup will manifest itself

note that the http: Is nicely highlit so that pressing Delete removes it leaving a pristene blank space into which you simply paste the image's URL (if you had copied it it should still be in the Windows clipboard so that with the mouse cursor in the area a simple Ctrl+V will paste it in most easily)
that would overwrite the afore-mentioned http: if it is still there

One hint I find it advisable to try out the saved URL by pasting it into a freshly opened browser window's address box to verify that it is a genuine image URL and the correct one to boot
Finally in my own Facebook Timeline is the guts of a Tutorial that I posted there on 2 July this very year date subject "
Tutorial 1 Getting the Internet address (URL) of an image"
I will be making this into a standalone tutorial on my own website soon but if you can access it "as is" you will find in a lnk to another fledgling tutorial dated August 13 2015 named "
Tutorial 3 Adding Copy Image URL to the Internet Explorer Context Menu" which will instruct you how to add such a useful facility that would bring Internet Explorer into line with Firefox and Chrome.


(However If you are using the new and ridiculously underendowed Edge browser that is foisted on you by Windows 10 forgedaboutit!
Late breaking News
Since I drafted that I have found that Edge does in fact have a context menu option to "Copy Link
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