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Default Re: AUSTIN-TEXAS-Feb.11-2014

Well-spoken, Sunshine.

BTW, all the "AARP'ers" in the almost full theater comprised one of the most enthusiastic crowds I've seen at a GL show in recent years. And they were all nimble enough to give standing O's for Carefree Highway, Beautiful, Sundown, The Wreck and IYCRMM. After the show, I commented to Gord that "we sure had a great audience tonight!" His response was "well, we expected that in Austin!"

It was sad to read that caustic review from a journalist with obviously limited exposure to true talent.

Gord was very chatty and energetic and looked like he was feeling great. The show was terrific from beginning to end. The crowd also responded wildly to the two new additions to the setlist, Drifters and Now and Then, so it was obvious that all the old "Geezers" in the audience were quite familiar with much more of Gord's catalog than just "Gord's Gold." I was thrilled to hear those two, as well.

Tonight's show in San Antonio was terrific, too.

OK, gimme an "A" ----- gimme another "A" ------gimme an "R"-----------gimme a "P"-----
Let's all vacate the Bingo Hall and head to Corpus Christi for tomorrow night's show!

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