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Default Re: Lightfoot lyrics challenge for GL cognoscenti - give it a try !

Originally Posted by geodeticman.5 View Post
Borrowing heavily from 2much2lose and Sir John here, and trivia quizzes from corfid's not so distant past: a quiz format. Hope you like it.

Simply guess the song, from the increasingly fewer words out of Gord's lyrics. Similar to past threads when we did a LOT of quizzing, but I am curious to see how FEW words, or obscure the reference, will instantly turn on a Lighthead-bulb:


EZ to start, harder as we go if'n you guys like it:

Q# 1...... was a time in this.........

Q# 2.......a bit of allright....

Q# 3...... songs we know

Q# 4.......golden prairie

Q# 5........coming back

Q# 6........nails

an even half dozen to start; hope you like it. I'll post 6 at a time if'n you do.

answers format so my eyes don't cross worse *suggestion only*
Note: these answer samples do not pertain to above....
Q1 - song is: If You Could Read My Mind . Album name is (same)
Q2 - song is: Beautiful. Album name is - Don Quixote
and etc

Sly says: go for it .....

~geo steve
I like a bit of an intellectual challenge, so I'd say go for it, and the more the merrier!
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