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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

RM known in the Pentagon as"Rem", the "Remidiator"walks rapidly into the WarRoom, and immediately to the edge of the DefCom group round-table, drops his folder on the table for emphasis, tears his RayBan Aviator glasses off with one hand only as they do in movies, slumps, then looking tired, sits down and rubs his eyes.General Rem,announces with the demeanour befitting a man responsible for immediate decisions with or without he President's approval as necessary, "Gentleman",and looking around the room and visually noting the two women in the room with the slightest of detectable perfunctory nods,"and ladies.. I have had to invoke the de facto rights of executive decision; functionally by executing the HomeLand Secuity Directive from SB 1175 we all know as H.S.A Directive #10101, Codename "CleanSweep", as of 7:28 P.M. Zulu time, under my own provisional authority. The President has concurred subsequent to the action,and, infact, endorsed it in principal after hearing the situation that unfolded in sector Q48, as you all are aware of." He stared sharply and briefly at the N.S.A. Director of Satellite Imagery Reconnaisance Geographic Systems,, who for arcane security reasons was cryptically referred to in acronym as S.I.R.G.E.O.S., akaThe Earth Visual Enhancer, in further arcane and cryptic acronym :
S.I.R.G.E.O.S.T.E.V.E , who had this poignant, but morose thought: "at what cost....a thermonuclear close range , no fallout neutron bomb, of minute megatonnage...a whole small area...... a thread... of lives.... at what cost.."

lol congrats RM - yeah it was time to nuke Q48 I agree, now, new Q's ! other than nothin'...
Q50......sweeter than...... brother.....



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