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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

Jenney - Q43 "Peaceful Waters" is correct congrats.. ! - now thats an old one - I like Stone Wall's vistory of it.....

JohninCt. - Q44 "Don Quixote" - is correct yes ! - i wondered when I wrote it thoug, if I made an ambiguous case with "King" being rife in "Protocol", but I tried to have the phrase conclusive....and, like you guys, I am not doing searches on words - going by memory, more fun, as I am sure it is for you... well done...

OK that leaves Q48
".....tested......" hard one sorta..... another clue.... "ten thousand" - that ought to bust it....

we're close to Q's 49 - 54 - SOMEBODY BLAST AWAY Q48

~geo steve
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