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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !


I'll take your word for it as an ambiguous case. I refuse to try to prove anyone wrong. I'm singing that one in my head, "and the town is squeeky CLEAN" - is that the line you're thinking, and/or did I GET IT RIGHT ?

In any event, this ambiduous case begins with the song runnin' through my head whewn I thought of the cord "clean" and would be curious if anyone can get it based on the clues thus far:

"who (or what) cleans for a living" - re=stated that way - think ppl will get the one I had in my head.

But kudos Joveski - I say you got a valid case on 36. Whuh!

And Q34 remains as the last , unless someone gets my original thought on "clean"

Q36.....decked..... not as in slugged or knowcked down, rather as dressed colorfully...

to which I will add "She was"....

~geo steve
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