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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

Joveski ! wins the Q27 remainder with:

"A Lesson In Love" = from EOM lp er.. CD Congrats - phew - that was a tuff one.

Any takers on Q's 31 -36 ? $1 one money - one handfull of songs.... step right up folks...
ignore that women saying he doesn't know the songs well enough to make the Q's there behing the curtain..... she is obviously hysterical.....

Q31 - 36 ? .....geodeticman narrows his eyes......loosens the chord on his 6-shooter's holster and gently rests his palm, fingers tappin' on the gun..... the sun is in his opponent's eyes.... he knows he's faster, and doesn't want to hurt anyone.... but he's been called out, and told to "jerk that smoke-wagon, you lilly-livered corfidite.... anyone who listens to Gordon Lightfoot would eat Lutefisk, and anyone who would eat Lutefisk would..." - Geodeticman bellows out in one-lung blast-as-he-can and interrupts the young would-be folk-music afficianado, who says GL songs'l put anyone to sleep in the first 30 seconds....[/I].". To which, geodeticman takes umbrage, interrupts him, and says "ALLRIGHT...THAT'S ENOUGH SIDEWINDER......LETS SEE IF YOUR GUN IS AS BIG AS YOUR MOUTH.... WE'VE SEEN WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH KIDS.... NOW LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN RUFF-UP AND WING A GROWN MAN,..... WHO HAPPENS TO APPRECIATE A SONGWRITER-PERFORMER THAT CAN SING...AND WRITE... AND ......COMPOSE/ARRANGE/ORCHESTRATE.... OR CAN'T YOU EVEN READ MUSIC PILGRIM? YOU COULDN'T FIND YOUR MP3 WITH A SIX-MAN SEARCH-PARTY, FULL A...RIPPED-OFF** SONGS BY CR** SINGERS, WHO CAN'T WRITE CR**..BUT WOULD CRITIQUE OTHER'S WORK....... BY ATTEMPTING TO GRACE BY CLASSIFICATION THE FICTIONAL RUBRICS OF INFERIOR DAUBERS IN FOLK LIKE ( names omitted to avoid thread-brawl) WHO WOULDN'T KNOW GOOD MUSIC IF IT BIT' EM IN THE DONKEY'S HIND-END, YA DRUG-STORE C'BOY, SO -YOU- SKIN THAT SMOKEWAGON, CAUSE PILGRIM, THIS IS THE DAY WHEN SCHOOL *REALLY* BEGINS....stupid kid... gonna get himself 'kilt... its all so avoidable..but no..they gotta challenge me...damn....And I just got this Suitcoat cleaned by that new-process "dry-cleaning" they call it in Orillia.... good family that owns that business, too.... hmm coat smells like naptha.... mothballs....." the DUDE yanks his six-shooter, he's fast but not fast enough..... geodeticman, regretfully, makes short work of him...].."Damn", "and he was just a kid, listening to who he thought invented folk music.....fella can't sing worth a damn either...sure can write, though....." and, sadly, he re-holsters his scrimshawed ivory-handled six shooter........ lol

OK guys, Q;s 31 - 36 ?

~geo steve
- "and have a gord day, and a gord day to ya"

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