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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

Lavender - YES! APPLAUSE ! = yes your name does have a feminine connotation, but in today's gender-bender world - I need to B sensitive and politically correct.....but since, to be a gentleman, you'll notice I visited your profile page, and confirmed, in connection with an old post as to the origin of your name - stumbled into initially on "names" search per another member - I saw your old '96? post of the origin of your name Lavender. FYI you are most definately a FEMALE lol..

Anymore.... I dunno aboot up there in Canada, where the men are men, and the ....well whe'll leave that salty saying for the sad men in saloons stemming for gold.... down here in the lower coterminous 48 (similar but not equiv to contiguous, John, thought i would save u from a hundred hours of hyperlinks to prove me wrong....LOL ole friend.....Levity.... is good..... says... the "Shat" - in stilted... Shakespearean.... forgot his lines.... now famous...pharaseology of Captain Kirk.... SOMEONE OR 2 others correct back to the thread...

[COLOR="magenta"]Joveski[/COLOR , bingo , CONGRATS - the masters are racking up their birdies and eagles, others are moving below PAR , DQ, waiting in the colloqium wings, aproaches the diaz, i mean the tee.. his caddy hands him a five irom.... the crowd din lulls to a hush...he eyes the ball, waiting for the last two others a chance,,, but years of training and education are bursting at the cerebreal cortex, rendered, open to suggestion from my subliminal synapse signals imbedded in my text...AND SO.. [you will alll send me money... you will j/k]...SO THE LAST 2q'S Left are:

Q34 - .....decked....

Q36 - .....clean.....

I don't think i need to add to these, one or two more expressions of puzzlement and I will add second clues... thing is, you guys are getting so good, we are down to one word clues to even challenge you diehards......and if one, as I mentioned, the word *must* be definative and unique to ONE song. Thats hard. As I am sure DQ would agree, that while this is a very small case of, a very hard thing to do: writing tests , often starting with the answer first, and forming the question, something I have had to do that is VERY difficcult at times, which the Professor (DQ) I am sure would agree.

I digress. HAVE FUN on the last two -others jump in and I'll give a Gordon Lightfoot T-shirt to the mostest postest correctly, if I coud EVER find a GL t-shirt LOL, just kidding on the prize... what my CLIENT MEANT to say was.....LOL

~geo steve

ps obsure clue - who typically cleans....regularly... ?

decked, not as in slugged or hit, but rather...clothed nattily or interesting/colourfully....

that'll bust 'em - got to stop giving away at the first difficulty....

so...... ???? i noitice the number of viewers greatly exceeds that of posters, which seems normal, but suggests some are reluctant to try and wrong.... it's not the end of the world.... I BLEW the question on Affair on eighth Ave. versus Softly, transposing clues of frangrance, versus little store..... it happens... its ok - take a poke at it, and as long as it appears it is fun to y'all, I will keep em coming. It is good distraction for me and I appreciate the Lightfoot frontal lobe MP9 in my head playing the songs....j/k to come up with 'em.

post post script:

!geo steve

"have a Gord day, Gord day to you..".. I hereby lay claim to those two statements, which I may self-consciously make one of those "bottom of the post" cool statements of lyrics, typically. How do you do that again ? no treatis with hyperlinks necessary - just the cp page button to tag.... is it the quote, or the ( ? ) i need to fill in. ?

HEY WAIT A MINUTE - AFTER ALL THE CLUES I ADDED ON" EGO AND THE ID" Q27 - think we still have a stumper so far - anyone want get closure on that - there are perhaps 3 post script additional clues above.... but I'll do one more.
Q27.....Nothin is for certain..... that'll bust it.

late - geo steve
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