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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

Q's 31 -36 ! and: last guess reply

Yes joveski - I'd of worried after my correction clues to that one if no one got it. Only one song left q27 2 clues thus far: ego and the id
apples of the sun

OK a third - its one his ethereal songs..... as he says a "walk down shrink alley"
one more lyrical phrase from it - there is no rhyme or reason, just a time for....

since I know you guys will get it from that I will go ahead and

POST Q'S 31 - 36 !!!!

Q31.....on a chilly morn
Q32.....warmin' in the

HAVE guys are getting so fast - i am having to go almost to one word on each.... but when thats the case - they have to be *unique* to that song. its sorta hard to come up with - but fun. And i know i got the easy part.....

~geo steve
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