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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

LOL this whole thing reminds me of a scene in that great Billy Crystal Comedy - City Slickers... the scene where , on the trail-drive - Billy is sitting across from the Ben & Jerry-like ice cream mogul twins.... and the Josh Mostel big guy is the alleged master of what ice cream would go with the most...... eclectic and obscure meal.... he says to Billy - go ahead... challenge me.... Billy responds with some relatively basic meal, and The big brother (Mostel) sneers, laughs, and says paraphrasing " oh come ON, pulleease... give me something REAL to work with.." and throws his plate of beans onto the ground (analagous of the symbolic challenge i guess of throwing your hat in the ring of the contest), narrows his eyes...good bad and the ugly song whistles in the background.......dusty wind blows through the campsight....

and Billy Crystal says OK..... "Sea Bass,.." - Mostel injects: "broiled or sauteed?" . so on and so on...... and Mostel finally answers RUM RAISIN ! phew ! and the brothers high five each other whuh! Billy , puzzled, says, "What? how do you know, whuh! ?" - the twins respond "5,000 franchise locations and growing...thats how....."

what exactly the metaphor or analogue is here i am not exactly sure, but it is safe to say.... we have a MULTITUDE OF LYRICS LIGHTFOOT EXPERTS..... ardent fans, in any event.... as I am... the ardent fan that is.... surely not the lyrics expert.... surprised i have not made a mistak on my vsiualized Q's excerpts......

hope u are enjoying them.... i am.....

~geo steve whuh!
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