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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

jj -Yes ! - Never say trust me ! Bingo - I too dig this song - put it on repeat several times - as well as- just as you pointed out.... "Allways on the Bright Side" is such an
uncharacteristic song - man he's sure still "got it" in that - I repeat tat one even more.

Oh BTW re: arborite: The only reason I know this is I worked my way through college round 1 working in a lumber yard, and ai cant get those 18,000 SKU's out of my head..... Arborite is a -Canadian- euphemism for what actually is a brand name - like "Kleenex" is common usage for tissue, but a brand name, as is surprisingly "Sheet Rock" - a brand name from way back they gave up on suing over copyright infringement on - its generically called "gypsum board" by the myriad companies that make it - from ubiquitous quadrillions of tiny dead crustaceans on former sea floors.....chalk..... caclcium carbonate...... white board - gypsum board Sheetrock. OK ok in similar fashion,

Arborite is generic in many parts of Canada ( so said my vendors that sold me bunks of it, Canucks agreeing with that notwithstanding - any Canadian tradesmen out there that buy it ?. Generic term now, but Brand name for, what below the border here in US of A is called particle board, and rarely, aspenite (arborite/apenite) , except aspenite has larger flakes with glue compressed in than finer particles of wood -mush- compressed

All those damn "some assembly required" furniture pieces such as -sigh- entertainment systems and computer desks.... re so often made with particle board here, and arborite there - arbor of course in the tree sense..... , all covered with a fake picture of woodgrain on contact paper, glued to the surface... God I hate puttin together those things for years, both at work for displays, and at home when our modest budget and work discount dictated almost whole rooms in our first home be filled with it LOL.

I vowed one time to never by another particleboard "knockdown funiture" - they are called... to Merry..... when we finally could afford modest but *real* furniture, like the red-oak (I just looked at it OMG its red oak veneer over particleboard aaaggggh)LOL
computer desk I am at now. It is (particleboard/arborite) following me like a stalking sycophant. lol...

In the song Gord sings of "Arborite chairs" and tables etc. and the line u mentioned "arborite Dreams" - I take to mean the dreams of , say the wedding couple married and having their reception in the "Holiday Inn ?? " [sic] the surroundings Gord describes as familiar but tackey - tacky paintings on the wall, tacky arborite furniture etc., but such solid dreams taking hold on that arborite filled (read fake furniture) environment .? - lease as how thats my read... sure love that song.... what do they call that "iambic pentameter' or something like that in rhyming lyrics, whic Gord os credited for taking to a unique for with "clever pharaseology" where not only do the lines rhyme at the end of each sentence, but there is often a clever and catchy rhyme within the sentence 1st half and 2nd half of a given line.... as is the case as i recall in never say trust me...... I like :the barman plays the song s we know....the pretty barmade going to and fro" - and 'she gets down to "twist and shout" ' and Gord winds up.......something.. down and out.... its a fun song, sticks in your head.

And always on the bright side - man i have played htayt probably 50 times this year alone. the eagles mate for life...... through two shipwrecked eyes - THAT line alone on the eyes is so full of insight ( no pun) it grabs ya by the yangs, doesn;t it ?

thanks jj
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