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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

DQ - Holy Lyrics-Limerick Batman ! You nailed almost all of in one' erudite, eloquent espousal from the diaz...... leave it to a PhD to blow as all away ! BRAVO ! BRAVO ! encore encore !

yessirree you got 'em in one deft stroke of academic acumen, espousing the answers with studied aplombe and panache, from the diaz of ecellence ! YUP THATS GOT EM...

hmmph.... er.... well..... HAH ! except for Q#6 & Q#10 & QBD (bakers dozen stumper)
& Qa & Qb (the two scrambled song titles).... yeah thats it thata the ticket.... didn;t get all eh professor ? LOL j/k - good to hear from you DQ.......YOU..... might like the discussion I triedon the tail end of the vintage video of Gord singing "Remember Me", (I'm the One), for reasons of my revelation (to me) of why I like his newer work MUCH more now.... based on maturity... seasoning..... ( no jokesters out there, not the herbs and spices) LOL. Thanks DQ well done..

OK the hints on Q6 &Q10 - I will wait and give QBD, Qa, & Qb to have a chance to cool in the window before baking another pie of hints.... hmmm I must be hungry the way I am writing here..... LOL I am its 8:47 per my tachymeter chrono thats blown a gasket - must be made by Norton Thiokol ( obsure refernence anyone out there get ? Sir John? (smile) - I don't bite old friend.... you out there ? Hint its an aerospace trivia that had disastrous consequences.... never below 33 degrees, preferably not below 52 degrees - the hint to my Norton Thiokol "gasket" of type o - i dunnoooo its a ringer, allright

OK hints on Q6 - (more hints for..nails...) - last hint was (.. as brown as...rusty nails)
2nd hint Q6: another part of same song: can have any flavour ya hapen too see..... thats blown it now i am sure...... LOL

Q#10 first hint: Q was:.... an old man sitting in his....
hint......... 'He called to his wife one day "come sit with me awhile" '
hint: ...... "he looked toward the sunset and smiled a wicked smile"

OK thats blown it I'm sure......the song was desribed in the Rolling Stone review as
"one of [Lightfoots] more ambitous works" as I recall

OK I will wait to hint on QBD (bakers dozen), and Qa and Qb and see what the cat drags in...LOL thanks guys and:

congrats again DQ - Oratory tour de force

~geo steve
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