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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

steve, thanks for the fun (to pass time during these dog days)

not great with lyrics but I know the songbook rarities better than the songbook familiarities...mainly cos I made a cd of the rarities (only) from songbook when I obtained it and couldn't stop listening to them, well, 15 of them anyhow

ok, what is Never Say Trust Me? for Q3

that track grabbed hold me instantly...I still don't know what arborite dreams are but dig that phrase...also love the whiny guitar

some already mentioned Always on the Bright Side, wonderful...such and uncharacteristic groove and some vivid phrases ...through two shipwrecked eyes I come to see, is a real fave

as for the rest I have no clue (well, ok, other than the 10 given)
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