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Default Re: The Battle Of Britain

Originally Posted by MistyMoppens View Post
And last week they had the lawn mower races somewhere in the U.K... And I think they have camping trailer races and pub stool races, too. I have a friend in London who just may need to have his local pub stool surgically removed from his bum. <smiling>
Not only that:I bet you have never heard of the pub game called with impreccable logic DWILE THONKING

"During the game, "flonkers" use a pole to launch a beer-soaked cloth at opponents, with the aim of giving them a hearty wet slap in the face.
Rules state if their soggy missile misses its target twice in a row, the competitor must down a pot or half of ale as quickly as possible"

microcars screed to follow I think I know where my draft of it is hiding!!
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