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Default Re: The Battle Of Britain

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
A 2 hour rock concert is more damaging to your ears
good thing none of us gord fans will deaf, lolol

yeah, i only ever went on the polar express ride once because of that loud siren

it must have been nice to watch the cne show from hi up in a condo (even if into a glaring west sun)...bit a bleacher set up view was not what i call beauty

we're all biased perhaps based on the impressions left on loved ones by war (wars in my grandfathers case)...every day he had flybys in his own mind right until age uncle was a pilot in RCAF and this is where we went (instead of airshow) to bond of war stories and pay tribute:

sir fowles, on sept 19 it's battle of britain open house, if you're in the area

i'm i mega-traditionalist but i tink some should never have started (like doing the wave at Jays games, lol)....enjoy the weekend weather, what incredibly clear and humidity free skies for hiking to escarpment views, bird migration ...and even airshow viewing
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