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Default Re: The first time I ever heard Gordon Lightfoot


I remember 3XY (1420 and later 1422 on the AM band) and it was one of the radio stations in the 1970s playing "Sundown" which first got me noticing Lightfoot's music (and no doubt IYCRMM before I did notice). The only Melbourne radio station callsign surviving since that time is 3AW.

I assume you're living in Melbourne now, but your last post was in 2010 and your previous 8 were before I discovered Corfid in 2008. From your posts, I gather you've been an Old Folkie in Toronto for some of that time.

Joveski in Melbourne was a regular Corfid contributor until he and many others lost access on one day and haven't been able to restore access or contact the website's creator/maintainer Florian. I hope he still visits Corfid to read at least.

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