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Default Re: NEW BOOK!-ONCE UPON A RED EYE-Life on the road with Gordon Lightfoot-Richard Hari

REVIEW from Bill Amatneek, stand up bass player for Peter, Paul and Mary:

Richard, I just finished reading “Once Upon a Red Eye” and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

You write VERY well, and showed us Gordon, his generosity, your love of him and all the guys in the band, and the warm camaraderie shared by you all. The book was a page-turner for me; I read it in maybe five sittings. You showed us your work and ALL it entailed, in technical detail that made it understandable to all. You were the Swiss army knife of Gordon’s shows and biz.

It also showed us you and what a stand-up guy you are: diplomat, empathetic friend, fan of Gordon, supporter of Gordon in all he wished to accomplish. Your remembrances of the band members and friends towards the end of the book was very well done.

And the design, layout and typesetting of the book were quite excellent. I know that can be a tedious part of the process, but you accomplished it quite well.

You kinda blew me away, Mr. Harison, on all counts. Bravo on a book excellently done.

Best regards,
Heart of a Man: Men’s Stories for Women

P.S. Thank you for listing me in the Special Thanks section, and for mentioning me and my association with PP&M in the Freeze and Thaw Tour section. U b a prince, Brother Richard.
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