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Default The first time I ever heard Gordon Lightfoot

I joined this site a long time ago but have not been very active. I thought I would post this. In 1969 I was living in Lancaster California working at Edwards AFB. I was a big folk fan and learning to play guitar. I used to listen to a radio program out of LA at night called "The Folk Show". The host was Skip Weshner and his wife he called "Beautiful". He had guests from time to time like John Hartford. Occasionally, he would play the same song by different artists to compare their interpretations. One night he played "Me and Bobbie McGee" by 4 artists. I don't remember the first 3, but the 4th version was a guy I had never heard before named Gordon Lightfoot. I was stunned! He was the most amazing baritone singer I had ever heard. I started looking for his recordings the next day. Not long after I was transfered to Japan for 4 years. When we returned we lived in the Bay Area. Gord normally played there twice a year. We saw all his concerts for the next 4 years until I was transfered to Germany. The one I remember most was at a theater in the round somewhere in the South Bay. It was a small venue with a circular revolving stage. We had seats on the 1st row. Every time they came around I could have stood up and grabbed his foot! It's hard to imagine that was 51 years ago!
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