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Default Re: Gordon mentioned on Jeopardy TV game show

Our household had recently become somewhat addicted to Jeopardy (a general knowledge quiz show on the US NBC network so it was great to see a real Lightfoot question last night (the first show for almost two months that did not feature the "professional sports bettor" -yes "bettor" not "better"! James Holzhauer in his 33 game winning streak and his attempt to beat the previous record of around $2.5 million)
yesterday somebody posted a short video showing the question and that the three current players were stumped so that the question master (the genial Canadian Alex Trebek)had to state the answer "the fellow Canadian" Gordon Lightfoot (I bet James knew the answer!)
yesterday somebody posted a short video showing the event on the GL Gold Facebook psge which I had intended downloading and posting here for the benefit of those who either missed the broadcast or live overseas but but today it is missing,deleted by either the up-loader or Facebook. but now I have found s video on DailyMotion (the regular bowel movement website) of the entire broadcast (minus the commercial breaks, which being American television were numerous and tedious, and here is a link to it:-
you still get adverts but most have a skip button thankfully
the part to watch is the nautical category. which starts at around the 12 minutes mark
I found an interesting analysis of why James made a surpisingly low final losing bet on:-
And I read that "After federal and California state taxes, Holzhauer’s net winnings will be $1.29 million — a 47.6% cut."
you can read that on:-
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