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Default Re: For Charlene... C.R.R.T.

Originally Posted by Robby Lake View Post
My old version stinks; pleasedispose of it properly!
O.K. CRT. I like that.
Charlie mcCoy "plays harmonica on theoriginal along with some others from the '67 release of "The Way I Feel". He also played 2nd lead gtr. on a couple and added percussion to some.
Second lead eh. Totally missed that

I know it's Gords fave but I don't listen to TWIF version typically. I picture the old west when i hear mouth organ, and don't picture Chinese navvies and the other smalltown canuck workers when I hear that wavering countermelody. I don't play the GG version much either or recent live. I play the racing Sunday Concert live version, the first section of the 79 live PBS (before they cut it off!) and most recently I play the BBC 71 live. It's wonderful to know all those sounds are live off the floor. I've made an audio cd of that gig and love driving with it alongside, as if Gord's in the passenger seat and Rick and Red are in back. Ahh

I'm off to listen to some of those second leafs. What songs are they on? Thx RL
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