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Default Traveling With Gordon Lightfoot On Tape

We couldn't take vinyl on road trips. 8-Tracks became vogue and since then, to this day, there isn't a highway we've traveled that hasn't included the music of Gordon Lightfoot. Never.

The Mrs. & I would pack up gear every weekend we had the opportunity to drive somewhere. Anywhere. Just to be on the move. When the kids came along they were indoctrinated to Lightfoot music. Our son hated us for playing the same Lightfoot tapes over and over in the car. Too bad. He got over it. To this day, the Sundown cassette is in the player. 360 thousand miles on the current car. And Sundown plays everyday. Three different cars in the last 20 years. Over a million miles driven on them. Lightfoot is always there. Carefree Highway.

The son, having gotten over his "metal years", is now all about some acoustic tunes and find's Lightfoot a refreshing twist in his life. I never doubted it. Daughter's a parrot-head. That's OK too.

It's the grand kids turn now. Five of them. And I don't hesitate to plug in some Lightfoot every time they are in the car. They'll find their own music. I guarantee they *will* know Gordon Lightfoot music. And as a side, the grand kids favorite movie is Yellow Submarine. That wasn't on purpose. I happened upon a VHS copy a few years back. We keep the g-kids almost every weekend. They take turns picking out the Saturday night movie. One night it was an argument so I plugged in Yellow Submarine. Now I have all the Beatles movies for them. And they love it!

Anyway, I don't travel without some Lightfoot. Can't. Really. No need to be without some Lightfoot. Some Lightfoot never hurt no one.

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