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Originally Posted by B45-12 View Post
Why thank you Sir John......
I wish I could comprehend the tech references in your text, but I do admit to limited computer savvy
The only "tech references" I made were to "torrents" (or more correctly Bit Torrents)
If you search corfid there have been several attempts by myself and others to explain the mysteries of this sophisticated and affective file sharing "Protocol" Err Umm System:-
To understand how torrents work though you need to read the Wiki at:-
But the very best explanation of how it all works that I have seen is a clearly written analogy on:-
Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide
the relevant paragraph is headed
What is Bit Torrent? and is on:-
You may have to scroll down to the "What is Bit Torrent?"
paragraph (I found just now that the links under the Table Of Contents heading do not function)
Originally Posted by B45-12 View Post
I have a feeling that we have met on a few occasions over the years at West Coast shows.
Napa...San Francisco...Saratoga...Reno...Tahoe...Santa Rosa...Concord...Clear Lake...
1977 - present.
Ring any bells?
NOT really We have only made one trip to see Gord in California so far that was in April 2005 when we took in the three SOCAL shows at EL Cajon (San Diego) then Cerritos then Agoura Hills before driving up the wonderful coastal highway to San Francisco from where we flew to Las Vegas for three more GL concerts
That was 6 of the 17 GL concerts we attended in Gord's comeback year of 2005 (or half of his total of 34 concerts that year)
I have compiled a detailed listing of the 88 times I will have seen Gordon since my May 1967 initiation in Muntreal to the end of this coming November's Massey season.
It is at:-

Again, thank you for your nice comments!
You're welcome!
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