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Many thanks Mr Gibson Sir for your fine graphic
I immediately thought yes! that will do very nicely as the basis of some necessary artwork for a quite respectable bootleg DVD shot from the balcony at Massey and downloaded from a torrent currently listed on
(that link will probably only function if you are a signed in member of HungerCity and at the moment the torrent hss no seeds anyway so you cannot get it). details from that info page:-
Gordon Lightfoot
Massey Hall
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 7, 2008

source: JVC harddrive model videocam
audio: 384 .ac3 from the original video files

videographer: Toronto Tapers Consortium
DVD author: Silver Stallion DVDs

Disk 1 (48 mins) 1st set
1. Cotton Jenny
2. Carefree Highway
3. Sea Of Tranquility
4. 14 Karat Gold
5. Never Too Close
6. A Painter Passing Through
7. In My Fashion
8. Rainy Day People
9. Shadows
10. Beautiful
11. The Watchman's Gone
12. Ribbon of Darkness
13. Sundown
14. Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

Disk 2 (44 mins) 2nd set
1. Triangle
2. Hangdog Hotel Room
3. Restless
4. Clouds Of Loneliness
5. Waiting For You
6. If Children Had Wings
7. If You Could Read My Mind
8. Don Quixote
9. Baby Step Back
10. Early Mornin' Rain
11. Blackberry Wine
12. Old Dan's Records
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