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Default Re: BRIGHTON, Michigan- SOLD OUT

Thanks for this good news, Char.

There are still lots of tickets left for the September 17 show in Charleston, West Virginia, at the Clay Center. I've been checking online at least once a day for several weeks now, and I have to "fess up" to being somewhat anxious about seeing all of the empty seats.

Thanks to you, Char, I knew about the upcoming Charleston event. I was thrilled to see it included on the tour list after your most recent talk with The Man. I started seeing about ordering my ticket right away, but I had to wait a while. It seemed I knew about it even BEFORE some of the folks at the Clay Center did!

Last year in late August, I found out about the September 28, 2011, concert at Wheeling, only because I happened to catch the broadcast of the "Live at Reno" show on the local PBS station. Tickets to the event were among the "rewards" offered for making a contribution pledge. I called WVPBS a couple of weeks ago to see if they might consider doing the same this year. Anything to get the word out and get those tickets sold! The person I spoke to was very appreciative of my call and agreed that it seemed like a good idea. I still have my fingers crossed that something will come of it, but there's not much time left.

Last year's date is special for another reason. After I returned home following the concert, I couldn't sleep from all the excitement and I had the good fortune of finding this site during my online wanderings. (I was trying to find out what had happened to Terry Clements, who I was shocked to learn had "left the planet," as Gordon said at one point during the show.) I visit here at least once a day, and I'm always entertained and inspired by what all of you post here. Thanks for sharing!
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