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Trouble is, my fave changes every day.

Well, scratch that. My favorite has always, since childhood when it came out, been "Carefree Highway," but I was only a surface fan then. Now that I'm a full-fledged Lighthead, I have bought his Songbook set and am constantly finding new favorites.

Borderstone, it's pretty obvious which one your favorite is, and I like it too.

"Now and Then" is beautiful. "Fine As Fine Can Be" left me out of breath. "Steel Rail Blues" I like a lot. "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" is so visual it helps me see the train as it runs along the Canadian country side, going up and down hills, changing speed, shifting gears, even stalling at one point, and finally pulling into the station. Even "Canary Yellow Canoe," one that is less popular among GL fans, puts a smile on my face.

There really aren't any I don't like, just some I like better than others. I know that "least favorite" is another thread, but I wanted to point out that unless I'm fast-forwarding to a specific song I want to hear at a specific time, nothing on my CD player gets skipped.
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