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Default Re: Video Download Tutorial

Sir John...thank you...and for pointing out that you have already posted comprehensively on this subject. The intention of my post was to cover the basics - the actual concept of downloading - with additional browser-specific suggestions. When writing the "tutorial," I tried to keep in mind that not everyone uses Windows (myself, for example ) and focused on the browser, rather than the operating system.

There is usually more than one way to do things. I subscribe to "the easier, the better" (aka the KISS Principle) and have tried to tailor my tutorial for simplicity. Using the tools at hand is often easier than installing additional programs; understanding how to use those tools makes Life easier.

Oh yes...TinyURL is available as a plug-in for my browser which copies the link to the clipboard automatically, so it is easy for me to use; Notlong addresses are a good idea, but require typing in an appropriate name and a manual "copy and paste." Meaningless or not, they get you to the same place!

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