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Although I have tried to address this topic here before there remain many posters who have yet to succeed in doing this.
In order to encourage more of the fans here to master the art of displaying pictures on corfid I have now completed a Tutorial entitled "How To display pictures here"
as a test forum topic at:-
It would be fantastic if a large number tried it out and interesting to see what pictures are selected to experiment with
If you go there please try your hand and brain
I hope lots of you take the brilliant lead of the stationmaster who successfully displayed a great January 2004 pic of Mr. Gordon Lightfoot with Mr. Aengus Finnan
He gets multiple brownie points for that effort!!
I have also written a page of suggestions on where to find suitable pictures to display and this is at:-
I suggest you look at that first to get the old gray matter a'stirring

My Gordon Lightfoot webring
starts at
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