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Hello fellow GL lovers. I've been going through all my old videos lately, transferring them to DVDs. Halfway through the music category, I got to tracking down all my Gordie clips and things and collecting them together. I managed to fit them all onto one 3 hour DVD.

It then occurred to me that other fans out there would greatly enjoy this collection. Here's what's on it:

1. 1998 Interview w/Peter Gzowski, CBC, 44min.

2. Live in Reno, 45min.

3. 1996 25th anniversary Juno awards, 4min.

4. 1997 Governor General's Award, 3min.

5. NY Eve (late 90s?) w/Pamela Wallin, CBC, 8min.

6. 1999 Intimate and Interactive, CITY-TV, 90min.

Quality is decent, with a few fuzzy bits. If you have something you'd like to offer in trade, write me - I may bite. No, I have ALL his LPs, and most CDs!

If you'd just like to trade some money for one, you can Paypal me at:

md *AT*

I'm thinking $12 is a fair amount (U$ in US, C$ in Canada), including postage.

Just trying to spread some Gordie-cheer. Sorry if you take offense...


p.s., I last saw him in Kitchener, Ont in Oct, 2006. Sure, a few rough patches, but magical nonetheless. Sit Down Young Stranger was a very pleasant and moving surprise. For more info, see my ex-GF's blogpost:
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