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Default Re: Bill Hall's new Album with proceeds donated to St. Jude Cchildren's Hospital

Originally Posted by fezo View Post
The best to you. It is so rough going through such things, I'm in recovery right now on a bone marrow transplant and the biggest dangers are side effects of the transplant.

I obviously don't have to tell you the strength it takes to go through such things.
Hi Fez,
You are in a great hospital but you are right. Learn all you can about the side effects of bone marrow transplant and be very focused on both liver and Lungs. Make sure your doctors very shortly after the transplant give you regular lung pulmonary function tests (PFT). If you do have issues you want to get it early and get treated. That said, always keep in mind that bone marrow transplants can and does cure blood diseases. Keep the faith my friend. Please join this group if you have not yet. It is light in the darkeness and there are many people that can help you. - Bill

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