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Default Re: Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!

I think the best way to look at the overall picture of the 'rock and
roll hall of fame', is to go back to why Rock and Roll came about in the first place.

I like jazz and big band and the adult contemporary pre-rock music, so no offense to them but the most popular of music by the early 1950s had been around a long time. 30 years or more.

I think even the select newbies to the industry then, knew something had to change. Rock and Roll ( R & B as it was from in the first place) was the answer. To the adults, it was a threat. sinful and most didn't want their kids listening to 'jungle' music.

The established acts were certainly threatened
as well, knowing this could be the end of their long careers.

The kids and artists seemed to be on the same page and this really looked like rebellion against the norm. That's what every great artist from 1955 to now is all about. Not doing 'exactly' what's expected, not selling out to just sell records and top 40 'hits' , but to be unique and individuals.

The Moody Blues certainly fit that, pretentious or not. It no longer matters if it's 'actual' 'Rock and Roll' , what matters is that the bands and people that get in, fit the meaning behind it.....individuals, unique in artistry, highly creative and just overall differing from what some may call 'sell out' acts or 'flash in the pan' acts. A few hits and then they're over.

The Carpenters (for example) are not 'Rock and Roll' but Richard Carpenter found an electric guitar player to play a solo on Goodbye To Love and in that, invented (unknowingly) the Power Ballad. Not to mention his unique production work and musicianship. (They didn't have 20 hits for nothing.)

No one will ever 100% agree on the acts that get inducted but I can only hope their not just drawing them out of a hat. I'd be ecstatic if The Carpenters got in, just like I was for ABBA.

Take a look at the acts year by year and I think we can actually find at least 'some' reason they made it. The simplest 2 reasons...what I stated above and, on a personal level, we all know the names of these acts 20, 30 and more years later.

They did make their permanent mark.

How about The Recording Artists Hall Of Fame?
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