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Default Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!

As the title implies, I haven't done a Rock & Roll Hall post here in years.

Didn't seem to be as interesting in recent years,
despite acts that I thought should have been in long ago finally getting their due.

This year and from what I just found out today, I had too.

If you haven't heard already, the big news of course is THE MOODY BLUES. Yes! After existing for nearly 54 years (next year) and having been eligible since 1989 (28 years!), they are finally going to the head of the class .

They waited longer than any BIG group I can think of.

Also to be inducted :

Dire Straites - Right on! Only 4 hits but that hardly matters.

Bon Jovi -
I know what some of you 'might' be thinking but I'm happy about it.

The Cars - Kind of split on this. I liked their stuff from
1978-1984...on the other hand, they got musically lazy from 1985 to 1987

Nina Simone - I own her only top 40 hit , "I Loves You, Porgy"
but I'm not sure how she applies. Happy for her just the same.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Truly, I have no idea who she is. Anyone??

That's all folks, The Moody's are finally where they should have been all along. Um....does that mean 'all' the biggies of the '60s are in now?? .....let me know.

Been Borderstone and ........YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :D
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