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Default Re: Milwaukee Part Deux

Loved your review, niffer! My sister and I are going to see GL on 10/2 in Jim Thorpe, PA. Soooo looking forward to it. We also made reservations at a lovely B&B, so it will also be a nice get-away. Last time we saw him was last Oct. in Sewell, NJ, just minutes from my home, which was great. I noticed how thin Terry was from the last time I had seen him and I commented on it - not realizing how sick he was. Just a few months later he was gone - still so very sad. I am, however, very much looking forward to seeing Carter since we've heard so many great things about him on this site. I also get migraines from MSG, high salt content, many food additives and rainy/change in weather - I can so relate. I hope eventually you will get a good handle on it and get some relief. Thanks again for the great review!
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