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Default Re: Iowa Concerts (July 19-20)

Hello Dave: Good to hear from you. I very well recall meeting you when you were in Appleton, Wisconsin. 2008, I believe.
I made the same observation that Gord rotated songs noticably between the two nights. He sings with no video screen and made only a couple of minor lyric flubs. Incredible for a 82-yr old man. His guitar playing on the opening verse of the Edmund Fitzgerald held the attention of all.
I just think there are some songs that have been in the set list for a long time, "Never Too Close," "Let It Ride," and "I'd Rather Press On" could have been rotated out for a couple of new ones from the "Solo" album. Several of his CDs were on sale in the lobby, including "Solo." I just found it odd to have a new album and nothing played from either "Harmony" or "Solo." Maybe that is yet to come later this year as the band shakes the rust off from their long hiatus?

I really do miss "In My Fashion" and "Old Dan's Records" from the set lists in the last 5 years or so. Those songs really carry some energy for me. But I imagine Gord has picked his set list carefully with a mixture of keys and tempos. So I will not gripe too much, as he is a heck of a lot smarter than I am.

Hope all is well in Australia and great to hear from you. John-Minnesota
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